Teaching All Computational Thinking through Inclusion and Collaboration

This NSF STEM+C project focuses on developing inclusive computer science experiences for students with disabilities and those at risk for academic failure in elementary and middle school settings.  Our main areas of focus include:

  1. Teaching through the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework so that students have access to flexible instructional delivery, materials, and assessment;
  2. Balancing explicit instruction to teach fundamental computing concepts alongside opportunities for open inquiry so that students can engage in creative problem solving; and
  3. Collaborative problem solving so that students can learn how to co-construct understanding, support each other, and share their expertise with their peers.

We rely on close partnerships with Champaign Unit 4 School district in both developing effective instructional practices and testing out whether these practices make a difference for a diverse set of learners.

For more information, contact Maya Israel at misrael@coe.ufl.edu.

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