Scratch Activities Used:

Unplugged Activity Plant a Seed

  • Use this activity in science before completing this activity in Scratch
    1. Plant seeds with students.
    2. Emphasize the meaning of “sequence”.
    3. After planting the seeds, complete the activity.

Scratch Lesson Used:

Pacing of Unit 8 with CT Connections

Only the lessons that have a change made to them are listed below. All other lessons should be taught as shown in the EDM book.

  • 8.3
    • Replace “Math Message” p. 698 with the Make a Zoo Scratch lesson. Extensions and accommodations are listed in the lesson.
    • Use the discussion questions found in “Discussing the Size of the Whole” p. 698 and “Partitioning into Halves and Fourth” p. 699, but instead of relating these discussion questions to a fruit bar, relate the questions to the area each animal gets in the Make a Zoo Scratch lesson.
    • Change the “Assessment Check-In” p. 700. Instead of using “Math Journal 2” p. 163 use the Zoo created by students.
Champaign Unit 4 School DistrictKenwood Elementary School: bright stars, bright futures
College of Education at IllinoisUChicago STEM EducationNSF
These lessons were written by Judy Rocke based on lessons developed at Kenwood Elementary School in the Champaign Unit 4 school district. Funding was provided by the National Science Foundation under award number 1542828. These lessons are intended to be used alongside the EM-4 curriculum.

Lessons prepared as web documents in Summer 2017. Contact us for updated lesson plan materials.