Is this PD tied to any specific elementary mathematics curriculum?

No. This curriculum-agnostic PD will use lesson materials that have been developed with close attention to the CCSS-M. We encourage attendees to bring their favorite math lesson plans and come prepared to work on customizing their own materials.

How much does the PD cost?

The total cost for this Pathfinders workshop is $1,998. However, Infosys Foundation USA will cover 50% of this fee. Additionally, significant support in raising the remaining funds will be provided through a partnership with Additionally, teachers are encouraged to approach their districts, schools, or PTAs for funds.  Lastly, a limited number of need-based full scholarships will also be made available in May 2018. For more information, please see the Pathfinders Summer Institute website.

What is included in the Pathfinders Workshop Fee?

The fees cover airfare, tuition, meals, and accommodation.

What do I need to bring?

This workshop is designed to be interactive and allow you to both explore the Scratch programming environment as well as how computational thinking activities in Scratch can fit within your elementary mathematics curriculum. Therefore, it is important that you bring the following to the workshop:

  1. A laptop computer (no iPads as Scratch currently is not compatible with iPads), and
  2. some of your favorite mathematics lesson plans or teacher’s manuals (either hard copy of online access)

Where and when is this workshop?

The Pathfinders Summer Institute will take place at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN from July 15-20, 2018. Participants flying to this workshop should fly into the Indianapolis International Airport.

What level of computing knowledge do I need to participate?

Participants of varying levels of computing experience will benefit from participation in this professional development. Heterogeneous grouping of participants during activities and development, an emphasis on participation collaboration and presenter support will assist those with minimal computing experience in negotiating any difficulties. Participants with no computing experience will also be provided with ramp-up materials they may work on individually before their attendance at Pathfinders Summer Institute.

Do I have to attend in person, or will there be an option to attending remotely?

Because this workshop is highly interactive and collaborative, it is important for all participants to attend the entire workshop in person.

Will there be any follow up support after the end of the summer institute?

Participants will have ongoing access to both instructor created integrated computing materials and materials developed by participants during the Pathfinders Summer Institute. A participant social network will be cultivated for all those who wish to further engage after the culmination of in-person professional development activities. Lastly, a follow-up webinar will be offered to as an opportunity for continued reflection, support and celebration.

What if my administration is not on board?

Attendance of the Pathfinders Summer Institute is contingent upon a commitment from the school administration that teachers will have the flexibility to include computing in their elementary mathematics instruction. See the Pathfinders website for more details.

Where can I read more about Everyday Computing?

Learning Trajectories for Everyday Computing is an NSF-supported project. Please see our project websites for more on our team and ongoing work: