Join us for the InfoSys Foundation USA Pathfinders Summer Institute: July 14-19! 

Our workshop:

Everyday Computing: Integrating computational thinking into elementary mathematics

University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUniversity of Florida College of EducationUniversity of Chicago

About the workshop

Are you a public elementary school teacher interested in integrating Computational Thinking (CT) into your mathematics classroom? Everyday Computing is a featured workshop provider at the 2019 Infosys Pathfinders Summer Institute, where more than 500 US K–12 public school teachers will convene at Indiana University Bloomington for high-quality hands-on training. We will spend time learning how integrated math+CT can be taught to academically diverse learners, including those at risk for academic failure and students with disabilities. We will also share lessons learned and suggestions for implementing combined mathematics and CS/CT activities that teach new mathematics concepts as well as reinforce already familiar mathematics.

Finally, if you have limited experience with the Scratch programming environment (a block-based programming environment for young learners), you will have an opportunity to learn how to get started with Scratch. We will send some pre-workshop activities for you to get started!

As part of this workshop, you will:

  • Access resources for integrating 1st-5th grade math+CT
  • Develop materials that can be tied to your own elementary math curriculum
  • Explore already created math+CT lessons
  • Learn strategies to engage academically diverse learners during integrated computing instruction

Feel free to contact the following people with questions:

Teacher Testimonials

I initially signed up for the Everyday Computing because I thought “I like computers and how fun will it be to spend a week at my alma-mater?” Little did I know how transformative this course would be. It helped me learn how to infuse computer science -- particularly coding -- into my elementary education classroom. This year coding has had a dramatic impact on my classroom from student engagement to how my students and I relate to each other. Students have enjoyed completing coding projects in math and then creating their own coding projects in literacy.

Valerie Baxter
Infosys Pathfinders 2018 Participant
Field Elementary School

This professional development has been a game changer for me and my students. As a teacher, this PD helped me see new possibilities for my students!  Engagement is way up and students who aren’t normally excited about math are doing way more than they did before when we integrate it with CS and CT.  Being able to enter into the math content in a new way is empowering and it gives the students opportunities to creatively express what they are learning and share it with others in the classroom or around the world.

Bruce Landstrom
Champaign Unit 4 Teacher
Champaign, Illinois

Pictures from last year's PD workshop


More about our project

This professional development workshop is part of Learning Trajectories for Everyday Computing (LTEC), a collaborative NSF STEM+C project between the University of Florida, UChicago STEM Center, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. The projects seeks to understand how to integrate computational thinking into elementary mathematics. This work involves the development and evaluation of integrated elementary mathematics and computer science/computational thinking lessons that align with learning trajectories for elementary computational thinking. LTEC research attempts to understand how students' understanding of fractions is influenced by experiences with integrated lessons that combine mathematics with computational thinking.

You can watch this video to learn more: